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            The widest range of Air Compressors and Spares Universal
            Simple but reliable world Standard Design with latest
            Technology gives high efficiency. 
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Online Accessories

Refrigerated Dryer

Compact Design, Low Power Consumption, Low Pressure Drop, Range from 30 to 1000 cfm, Constant Dew Point, Air Cooler / Water Cooled Version, High Reliability, 0to 100% Capacity Control, Easy Installation, Hermetic Sealed Refrigerant Compressor.

Heatless Dryer

Compact and Complete, Fully Automatic and Continuous Operation, Easy Installation and Starting of the Unit, Simple and Reliable Construction, Low Pressure Dew Point, High Performance, Low Initial, Installation and Operation Costs, No Cooling Water, No Need of Costly Heaters and Controls, Nearly Zero Maintenance, Control Panel with Accurate Motorized Cam Timer, Pressure Gauges and Safety Valves on Towers, Separate Charge and Discharge Ports for Desiccant Replacement, Skid for Floor Mounting.

Water Cooled After Cooler with Moisture Separator

Water cooled After cooler with Moisture Separator is a Shell and Tube type Heat Exchanger which reduces the temperature of compressed Air and as a result Moisture from the Compressed Air is Separated. Cooling is done by circulating water from the opposite side of the Compressed Air inlet in After cooler. The After cooler is designed is such a way that the Cooling Water passes through the Shell in turbulent flow, resulting maximum that heat dissipation from the Compressed Air and hence more quantity of Moisture is separated in Moisture Separator. Water cooled After cooler with Moisture Separator from 10 CFM to 1000 CFM and Working Pressure from 150 PSIG to 1000 PSIG are available.

Candle Filter

This comprehensive range of candle filters will remove oil, dirt, odour and water from the compressed air supply, therefore offering complete protection to all equipment installed downstream.  It is used in Textile, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Spray Paint, Blow Moulding, Power, Instrumentation, Tele Communications, General Engineering.

Activated Carbon Filter

Paras Activated Carbon Filter is used to remove oil & moisture particles from Compressed Air. It contains Activated Carbon granuels which absorb the Oil and Oil vapour from the Compressed Air. Activated Carbon Filter is to be installed after the Air Receiver. If absolutely dust free air is required, an on line Filter should be installed at the outlet of Activated Carbon Filter before application point.

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